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Best Prices on Marble Countertops in Memphis Area and Suburbs

They’re as gorgeous as they are classy. Marble countertops come in a variety of colors that add a touch of luxury to any room. For the best prices, be sure to check out our marble countertops Memphis showroom for the latest marble countertop surfaces with the most exquisite colors and patterns.

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Are Marble Countertops the Right Choice for Your Memphis Home?

New countertops are an instant way to upgrade your home with an elegant, modern finish. However, choosing the right material for your space is essential not only for the design but functionality, too. 

While you’re working through a remodel, have you wondered, "is marble a good choice for kitchen countertops?" We can assure you, it is! Marble stones are highly regarded for their elegance and beauty - making the perfect addition to every home. This natural stone offers a feeling of timeless elegance, all with a stain-resistant and durable finish that’s built to last. Marble countertops are a choice you’re sure to love, no matter how much time passes in your new home.

Why Buy Marble Countertops in Memphis from Pro Stone

At Pro Stone Countertops, located in the Memphis area, we not only provide the best selection of marble countertops but offer a full-service team backed by 20 years of experience. 

Guiding you through every step of the way, from custom design to installation, our team uses the best materials and required precision to expertly place your countertops. With an array of beautiful marble stones, we will work with you to bring your unique vision to life. 

Why choose marble countertops with us? At Pro Stone Countertops, we guarantee:

  • Quality materials with expert craftsmanship for a premium fabrication and installation service
  • Competitive pricing that will give you the marble countertops of your dreams at an affordable price 
  • Efficient timing to ensure your project is complete on schedule

To get started designing and installing your stone using Pro Stone Countertops’ selection of marble stones, request a free quote online or give us a call at 662-895-4795 today. 

Top Marble Brands We Offer in Memphis

At Pro Stone, we offer a wide selection of the most popular marble countertop brands with the quality and elegance to last through the years. These brands include:

  • MSI: MSI Surfaces is one of the leading suppliers of marble countertops and offers a wide variety of colors and patterns to expertly complete any remodel with a stunning marble finish. 
  • Avani: Avani offers truly timeless marble slabs ranging in hues that show off all the beautiful natural texture marble has to offer. 
  • Daltile: Another go-to marble countertop brand, Daltile offers both neutral and bold marble slabs - all of which highlight the intricacies of the stone for a unique addition to your space. 

Visit our website to see the stone selection each brand has to offer. 

The 5 Most Popular Marble Countertops Among Memphis Homeowners

There is a wide variety of marble countertops on the market, and at Pro Stone, we only offer the best of the best - but the list is still long! To help you narrow down your search, we are breaking down the top 5 marble countertops for Memphis remodels.

From pure white countertops to Mystery White marble vs Carrara, we are breaking it all down here.

1. Bianco Carrara

Bianco Carrara marble is an elegant white stone by Avani that features gray veins and patterns for a cool, neutral finish. Ideal for both bathrooms and kitchens, this timeless marble is a go-to choice, no matter your style.

2. Calacatta Gold

Calacatta Gold marble is one of the most beautiful stones on the market. With a taupe base, Calacatta Gold marble countertops feature light gray veins and pops of gold for a high-end, tasteful stone. A Calacatta Gold marble slab is the ideal bright addition to both kitchens and bathrooms, as well as other accents around the home.

3. Elegant White

Elegant White marble by MSI looks exactly like its name. With a pure white hue, this countertop is sure to sparkle with a luxurious finish to accompany any home design.

4. Fantasy Black

To add a dark contrast to your remodel, Fantasy Black marble is the way to go. This is the most popular dark stone in the Memphis area, and features a pure black base with light gray veining for a beautiful, rich design - perfect for white cabinets!

5. Mystery White

Mystery White marble is another go-to, pure white countertop choice with light gray detailing to add a bit of texture and depth to this bright white stone. With a luxurious finish, coupled with the Mystery White marble durability promise, this stone will add a sparkle to your home that will last for years.

Quick Facts about Marble Countertops

Marble countertops have long been the most popular stone choice for kitchens and bathrooms - and for a good reason. Primarily offered in shades of white, marble stones match a variety of home designs for the perfect, elegant finishing touch. 

Built to last, marble is comprised of calcite, dolomite crystals, and aragonite which give this natural stone its unique appearance and long-lasting strength. Plus, it’s a heat-resistant stone - it’s no wonder why it’s so popular in kitchens! 

From countertops to backsplashes, a marble countertop offers a unique natural stone addition to every remodel for a beautifully sophisticated design.

What Are the Common Uses for Marble in Memphis?

While bathroom and kitchen countertops are one of the most common uses of marble stones, this beautiful natural material can be used in a variety of ways, beyond the classic countertop finish. 

With an elegant finish, it’s no wonder homeowners look to incorporate marble into more than just their kitchen or bathroom design. Beyond countertops, marble also makes a great backsplash choice - showing off its natural pattern and design in a more obvious location. 

Additionally, marble can make a wonderful accent piece to upgrade your fireplace, use as an accent wall, or as flooring. Want a marble statement in as many rooms as possible? Use this elegant natural stone as windowsills, too, to incorporate a stone finish and unique appeal across your home. 
If you want ideas for how to further incorporate your favorite marble stone in your home, contact our experts at Pro Stone Countertops for more innovative design tips.


How do you polish MARBLE countertops?

A traditional and cost-effective way to polish marble countertops has been to use baking soda, but this method may actually ruin the stone in the long run and should be avoided. If you’re going to polish the marble countertop yourself, we advise you to purchase a ready-made re-polishing and sealing kit, which comes with instructions and everything you need.

How do you care for marble countertops?

Properly caring for a marble countertop will help you significantly prolong the appeal and gleam of the material. And caring for a marble countertop is not necessarily all that complicated - all you need is a soft cloth, warm water, and a few drops of the mild cleaning agent. Marble is extremely delicate, so make sure you avoid using any abrasive materials. Even washing powder or soap will leave residue on the surface, so make sure you rinse the area very well and wipe dry with a soft clean towel.

Can marble countertops withstand hot pots and pans?

Marble is very heat resistant and can stand up well to hot pots and pans. Even in the bathroom, a styling tool like a curling iron won’t damage the surface unless left on the countertop for a long time. Marble is even a popular surface for fireplaces due to its heat resistance.

How thick are marble countertops?

Typically, the industry standard for a marble kitchen island countertop is around 1 ¼ inch (3 cm) thick, and for a marble vanity top, the marble may be around ¾ inches (2 cm)  thick. While they do carry a 20-40% price difference, it’s recommended to use the 3cm thick marble for any countertop that will be incurring a significant amount of stress.

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