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Best Prices on Quartz Countertops in Memphis Area and Suburbs

For a more low-maintenance option for your Memphis home, quartz countertops are your best bet. Quartz countertops are the perfect choice for any busy kitchen because of its resilience and resistance to stains. Easy to clean and perfectly elegant, buy quartz countertops and see the difference.

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Pro Stone is Your Local Quartz Countertops Fabricator in Memphis, TN

Finding high-quality, stunning quartz countertops shouldn’t feel like an impossible task. At Pro Stone Countertops, we offer a wide range of top quartz countertop brands and a team of professionals to walk you through every step of the process. 

To find your favorite quartz countertops and complete your home’s design, get a free quote online to begin the process today.

The Top Quartz Countertop Brands We Offer

At Pro Stone, we carry all the top-rated quartz countertop brands the industry has to offer. 

Our top selling quartz countertops brands include:

  • Cambria
  • Triton
  • MSI
  • Daltile
  • Cosentino 

The 5 Top Selling Quartz Countertops

For a quartz countertop that you’ll love through the years, take a look at our list of the favorite quartz countertops to perfectly complete your design.

1. Miami Vena Quartz Countertop

Miami Vena Quartz Countertops are a beautiful, white quartz countertop choice that brightens any room with a light stone. This white quartz features very subtle light gray markings, allowing it to match any space - perfect for kitchen or bathroom countertops, backsplashes, or accent walls.

2. Alabaster White Quartz Countertop

MSI Alabaster White Quartz is another elegant white countertop with a bit more detail to resemble a natural stone. Alabaster White Quartz is a stunning, pure white quartz countertop with intricate grey veins that add depth to this bright countertop selection. With a neutral hue and a high-shine finish, this stone instantly elevates any space. 

3. Luna Plena Quartz Countertop

Luna Plena Quartz offers a cool, gray stone finish for a light contrast in any design. A Luna Plena countertop features a nearly white gray base, accompanied by a light gray wave-like pattern for an elevated stone finish.

4. Azur De Mar Quartz Countertop

Step out of your comfort zone with Azur De Mar Quartz countertops. This blue quartz offers a beautiful, ocean-like hue to any space with black, grey, and white veining for a balance of depth and contrast.

5. Acacia Quartz Countertop

Acacia Quartz countertops offer the neutral hue of classic white countertops, with an added texture for a unique countertop choice. This quartz features a vein-cut design resembling a wood texture to bring a subtle nature element into any space.

Is Quartz Good for Kitchen Countertops?

So, is quartz good for kitchen countertops? Quartz is actually one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. This non-porous, engineered stone is made from one of the hardest minerals found on earth, topping the list of why choose quartz countertops - but that’s not all. 

Since quartz is a man-made stone, made from 93% raw quartz and combined with pigment and resin, it’s not only durable but has consistent colors, making it easy to find matching slabs. Additionally, this countertop choice is stain-resistant, perfect for a bustling kitchen. 

Quartz advantages include:

  • It’s a man-made stone available in various elegant designs and finishes, including polished, matte, and textured
  • Durability, ensuring it won’t crack or chip easily and is scratch-resistant
  • It does not require sealing or re-sealing for a low-maintenance countertop
  • Has a non-porous surface and is resistant to both stains and bacteria 
  • It’s manufactured and readily available in an array of colors


How do you clean a quartz countertop?

Quartz countertop cleaning is very easy but should be done frequently to prevent stains. Simply use a mild soap or detergent with a soft cloth. A glass or surface cleaner, such as Windex or Cinch, can be used for more significant or dried problem areas.

What types of quartz countertops are there?

There are three general grades of quartz countertops. First choice quartz has strong, rich colors with a minimum of veins. Commercial grade quartz is a good blend of quality and price and is typically more durable but not as rich as the top of the line quartz. Second choice quartz typically refers to entry level countertops but has natural discoloration caused by the slab being formed by pieces of quartz slabs that are placed together.

Can quartz countertops chip?

Quartz is one of the hardest materials on the planet and is extremely resistant to chips or cracks. Quartz is also non-porous so it resists staining much better than granite, marble, and concrete. However, occasional chips can still occur and do have to be patched.

Are quartz countertops resistant to heat?

Quartz countertops are resistant to heat to a degree, but if the temperature gets too high, the quartz can get damaged. Quartz can typically only resist temperatures as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you’re taking a pan out of the oven or a hot pot out from the stove, it’s important to use a trivet or hot pad instead of putting the pan directly on the countertop.

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