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April 22, 2021
by Eric Presley

What Are The Best Marble Countertop Alternatives In 2021?

Marble has long been a staple in home designs, adored for its elegant, timeless appeal. However, it doesn’t come without its share of flaws and headaches, leading many towards marble countertop alternatives as they seek more convenient yet beautiful countertop solutions.

But what are the other options besides marble countertops? And are they as high-quality? Our experts at Pro Stone Countertops explain the marble countertop debate and share the best marble lookalike countertops that will still give that stunning stone finish without the extra issues.

Why You Might Not Want Marble Countertops

why consider marble alternatives

Surprised by the transition away from marble countertops? While marble is still a great, beautiful countertop choice, some flaws leave homeowners frustrated. From the cost to durability and maintenance, let’s explain why countertops that look like marble, but are not marble, are the preferred trend in 2021.

Marble Countertops Cost

While marble countertops are known for their undeniable beauty, they certainly come at a steep price! The final price will vary depending on the specific slab you choose, where it was mined, and how many impurities it contains, but typically ranges from $60 to $150 per square foot. This can add up quickly, particularly in larger kitchens.

That being said, you can find more affordable marble, particularly those with a more gray hint. A gray-toned marble will be cheaper than their bright white counterparts, which can get closer to $200 in price. Keep in mind - marble is not the most expensive stone on the market but can still quickly break your budget as a full marble countertop average $3,000, with high-end choices skyrocketing to $10,000.

Marble Countertops Durability

While marble is certainly strong, it’s not necessarily equipped to handle the daily traffic, use and abuse that a kitchen counter often endures.

Since marble is a porous surface, it can’t withstand the spills and everyday wear and tear that come with kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Due to the fact that it absorbs liquids, marble must be resealed yearly or every two years to avoid stains and marks that lead to an unwanted, messy, worn finish. Once the marble is stained, it’s pretty challenging, if not impossible, to reverse.

Not only does marble stain, but it can etch, too. Etching refers to when more acidic substances remove the shine of the polished marble from the surface. This means acidic foods and formulas must be kept away from marble at all costs, and when etchings do appear, they will need to be handled with care to repair this stone.

Marble Countertops Maintenance

To keep marble countertops in tip-top shape, they require a decent amount of maintenance and care. Since marble is porous and easily absorbs liquids, your marble must receive regular sealing to help prevent stains and etches and keep it looking sparkling and new.

Additionally, daily cleanings of marble countertops are a must to keep everyday wear and tear from leaving an irreparable mark. This means cleaning up spills immediately, not storing or setting down acidic solutions or foods (this includes wine, coffee, and even milk!) on marble’s surface, and cleansing with a mild cleanser and warm water frequently.

Alternatives to Marble Countertops

If you’re considering going with marble countertop alternatives, we have a list of all the best stone options available that still offer that stunning, luxurious marble look without the same concerns.

Keep reading to see what we recommend!

Granite That Looks Like Marble

Granite is a highly durable, bacteria and dirt-resistant stone that’s perfect for kitchens and bathroom countertops. Offering the same natural stone perk with added durability, granite is a wonderful choice. But what granite stones look almost like marble? Check it out.

1. Stream White

Offering a beautiful white, flowing veined finish, this granite countertop is a top choice for homeowners in the Memphis area. With a bright white hue and light gray and tan accents, Stream White is an elegant alternative to marble.

2. White Valley

With more depth and complexities than a plain white stone, the White Valley Granite Countertop features light taupe veins and patterns, creating a stunning, intricate countertop with a light base that resembles our favorite marble stones.

3. Aspen White

Add a little extra sparkle to your home with Aspen White Granite Countertops. This white granite stone is a great spin on marble, with a classic white base and an added taupe and gray sparkle for a bright, yet complex stone.

4. Colonial White

With a true white base and light flecks of gray, this beautiful white countertop features the same natural stone appeal as marble, with the durability of a granite stone. The white finish is bright and luminous - perfect for lightening up any space.

5. Salinas White

For a white countertop with added neutral hues for a versatile finish, the Salinas White Granite Countertop is a must. With natural stone veining and patterns with black and gray notes, all upon a pure white backdrop, this is a truly elegant choice.

Quartz That Looks Like Marble

Quartz is a man-made, engineered stone that offers more convenient durability and maintenance, all while mimicking the look of a natural stone. With a uniform appearance and a wide range of colors and patterns, finding quartz that looks like marble is a convenient, go-to option when searching for marble alternatives. Here are our favorites!

1. Alabaster White

Alabaster White is a white marble-looking quartz countertop choice that looks so much like its natural stone counterpart, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference. With long gray veins and a pure white base, this white stone offers all the intricacies of a natural stone with added durability - perfect for a variety of spaces and uses.

2. Bianco Calacatta

Another one of the best marble lookalike quartz countertops, the Bianco Calacatta Quartz Countertop features a pure white base, with thicker gray veins for a modern take on the beloved, classic marble look. The base of this stone is a true white for a bright finish to liven up any room.

3. Calacatta Naples

The Calacatta Naples Quartz Countertop is a white stone with added gray veins and patterns to create a more intricate finish. The complex, thin veining mimics the look of a natural marble stone, enhancing the white base with a stunning pattern.

4. Eternal Statuario

For a white countertop with super subtle veining, Eternal Statuario Quartz Countertops are a go-to. The details of this white marble-looking quartz are so subtle that, from a distance, it looks like a pure, stark white countertop. However, upon closer inspection, you can see extremely light gray details for an added, unexpected elegance.

5. Lido Blanco

A marble-esque countertop with more taupe undertones, the Lido Blanco Quartz Countertop offers a beautiful white base countertop with very light taupe and gray details. The thin, long veins create a stunning pattern across this stone reminiscent of the beloved marble alternative.

Quartzite That Looks Like Marble

Unlike quartz, quartzite is actually a natural stone yet features enhanced durability to other popular stone options. More durable than granite and equipped to withstand heat, quartzite is a wonderful choice for high-traffic, well-loved spaces - and there are even some slabs that look just like marble!

1. Florida Wave

Florida Wave Quartzite Countertops are one of the most marble-esque quartzite countertops on the market. With a pure white base and light gray veining, this stone is an elegant choice that brightens every room - perfectly contrasting against dark cabinets to show off the natural stone pattern.

2. Gray Canyon

Another go-to quartzite countertop that resembles a marble alternative is Gray Canyon Quartzite Countertops. This beautiful, luxurious white stone features extra-long veins that not only make for great countertops but accent walls, too.

3. Sea Pearl

One of the most marble-resemblant quartzite stones, the Sea Pearl Quartzite Countertop is a white countertop with beautiful veining and patterns - creating the coveted natural stone pattern against a stark white base. The veins have an added pop of greenish-gray for a beautiful contrast to the dominant white stone.

4. Cristallo

For an extra elegant finish, Cristallo Quartzite Countertops are the top choice. This white countertop resembles a classic marble yet features added taupe, almost gold patterns, for a natural stone that truly shines.

5. Calacatta Macaubas

The Calacatta Macaubas Quartzite Countertop features a white stone with long, jagged veins. These veins incorporate notes of taupe, gray, and even green, adding a bit of bonus color to this white, marble look-alike countertop.

Your Best Countertop Installer in Chicago

While marble has long been a countertop go-to when it comes to remodels, that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your home. If you have a particularly bustling home, kids running around, or find yourself frequently spilling your favorite cup of coffee (or wine), the porous marble stone may be one you want to avoid. Thankfully, with the right marble countertop alternatives, you can still have that elegant marble finish, yet with added durability, maintenance perks, and at a lower cost. Sounds pretty promising, right?

If you have any questions about what stone is suitable for your space and need help selecting the best marble lookalike countertops, our team at Pro Stone Countertops is happy to assist. Get a free quote online, or call us at 662-895-4795 today.


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