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May 18, 2021
by Eric Presley

Top 9 Tips On How to Save Money on Granite Countertops

It might be news to some homeowners to find out it’s entirely possible to install granite countertops and achieve the much-desired, high-end look within a reasonable budget. There are cheap ways to update kitchen countertops if you’re willing to choose popular colors, buy wholesale, and use granite remnants.

Pre-fabricated granite is a more affordable choice than slabs, while using tiles also decreases the cost. You can still have a beautiful kitchen with granite countertops without forfeiting quality. Here’s how to save money on countertops like granite, that while slightly pricier, offer long-life durability and unparalleled elegance.

The Best Way to Save Money on Countertops

The Best Way to Save Money on Countertops

While our shortcuts below demonstrate how to save on granite countertops, we still recommend hiring professional outfitters to ensure your granite is installed correctly. Here’s a list of cheap ways to upgrade countertops to granite.

#1. Buy Wholesale Granite Countertops

Wholesale granite was traditionally reserved for granite businesses, but that’s changed over the last five years. Buying wholesale can help you save money. Granite countertops bought at the wholesale cut out the middle man and reduce costs. It means that the stone you purchase comes directly from the quarry.

You won’t have to pay additional fees that granite businesses add for storage or switching shipping containers. Many granite countertops outlets also have in-house fabricators, which customers often opt for, but you can shop around for the best quote when you buy wholesale granite countertops.

#2. Consider Your Color Choice

On average, granite costs $35 to $75 per square foot, but certain types like Van Gogh can retail for up to $500 per square foot due to its rarity. Even though its natural blue, brown, and gold coloring is incredibly eye-catching, and like all granite, it will boost your property’s selling price, you might not recoup the total cost of selling.

One of the cheap ways to update kitchen countertops is to opt for colors that fall within the lower to mid-range price bracket. Generally darker, black shades of granite tend to be cheaper. Our Azul Platino is an affordable option for those with a discerning budget.

#3. Get Professional Measurements for Your Kitchen

Professional Measurements for Your Kitchen

While many homeowners are tempted to measure countertops themselves, we advise getting a professional. A skilled outfitter will consider any irregularities and ensure that the slabs you order are cut to the perfect size. They also have the knowledge to suggest the best types of edging and can offer solutions to design challenges.

If you order the incorrect size, the granite will need to be reshaped, or a new slab will have to be cut, which can make your project more expensive than it needs to be. For best results, have your kitchen countertops measured during a consultation.

#4. Ask About Granite Remnants

Another cheap way to change countertops is to ask your supplier or outfitter about leftover granite pieces from previous projects. When granite slabs are cut for specific projects, there are usually leftover pieces. In some cases, these pieces will be large enough for repurposing.

Granite remnants serve smaller-scale projects where you might spruce up your kitchen with a luxurious backsplash or have a smaller countertop surface that can be covered with leftover pieces. The downside is you might not get the exact type of stone you desire, but if you’re satisfied with something similar, then it can save you money in the long run, particularly if you opt for a popular stone type.

#5. Choose Tile Over Slabs

A cheap way to change a kitchen countertop when using granite is to buy tiles instead of slabs. Many homeowners aren’t aware that they can choose between tiles and slabs. Slabs are suited to flooring or large wall and countertop surface areas, especially contemporary kitchen islands with granite waterfalls.

While the actual cost of granite tiles and slabs is the same, tiles’ installation is quicker. They’re also cheaper and easier to repair. If one of them breaks, you can just replace the tile and don’t need to fabricate an entirely new counter. Because of their size, tiles are mined in smaller deposits, so you may find a unique color that’s unavailable in larger slabs.

#6. Choose a Prefabricated Material

Choose a Prefabricated Material

Prefabricated granite stone comes cut and polished. One of the main reasons homeowners choose this option is because it's a cheap way to upgrade countertops. Unfinished slabs are more expensive and trickier to install, which is why many opt for prefabricated options, which are available in a wide variety of popular colors.

Prefabricated countertops often come with an added backsplash, which enhances the kitchen’s look and feel, as well as ensuring moisture protection for nearby walls and cabinetry. The only downside is that they come in set sizes and colors, which may not suit your needs if your kitchen design is highly specialized in terms of counter size and color. Otherwise, you’re still purchasing a real, natural granite countertop.

#7. Order From A Local Supplier

Buying locally is a cheap way to change kitchen countertops because it requires a smaller travel distance and incurs less cost. If your granite is coming from a different state or country, the shipping and import costs can add up because more middlemen need to get the stone from A to Z.  

Local suppliers can help you stay within your budget by pointing you towards less expensive slabs that are still suitable for your kitchen countertop design. It’s also a good idea to get multiple quotes from local companies to ensure you are being charged a fair price.

#8. Go With A Standard Eased Edge On Countertops

From Ogee to Bullnose to Bevel, there are a variety of granite countertop edges to choose from, each with a distinct aesthetic appeal. Prices vary from fabricator to fabricator, but they are usually divided into three different categories, regardless of the edging style; classic, transitional, and modern.

Edges are manually carved into the granite, so the more intricate your edge, the more expensive it will cost. Premium edges like Waterfalls or Ogee, or Bullnose cost more because they require greater skill and more time to perfect. To save on budget, it’s best to opt for standard or eased edges that are compatible with most modern kitchen designs.

#9. Buy the Plumbing Parts at a Cheaper Price

Saving on Granite

Any faucet, basin, and plumbing parts can be sourced at a reasonable price if you shop around. Ask your fabricator if you can buy your plumbing parts from another supplier. This ensures you have greater control over your options and that you can shop around for basins and faucets before settling for the ones your fabricator has in stock. While it might require more admin on your side, it does save money. It also means you can choose from a wide variety of design options that may not be available from your fabricator.


Installing granite countertops can be an affordable endeavor if you take the time to research and consider cheaper options. Something as simple as edging and color choice can help you save a substantial amount. At Pro Stone Countertops, we helped many of our customers in Memphis, Olive Branch, and East Arkansas areas achieve their desired kitchen plans within their budgets. If you need help with granite countertop installation, then contact us today, so we can arrange a consultation to provide you with the most affordable solutions.


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