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November 19, 2020
by Eric Presley

The Perfect Match: Kitchen Countertop Ideas with Oak Cabinets

When Creating Kitchen Designs

There’s some prep work involved in determining a design when pairing kitchen cabinets with quartz countertops. Just like any other project, you must first establish a clear vision and goal to know what direction you’re heading. What type of oak do you want to use? Do you want your cabinets to stand out? Will oak cabinets be just an accent piece?

To give your project a sense of direction, here are a few dos and don’ts that you have to consider before embarking on your quartz countertops with oak cabinets journey.

oak cabinetry and quartz countertop

Things You Should Do

  • Mix and Match Different Neutral Colors. Using neutral colors brightens up your entire space while still introducing a sense of neutral calmness. Give your space a touch of modern appeal by mixing and matching different neutral colors by pairing quartz with oak cabinets. For instance, you can pair white quartz countertops with dark cabinets or black quartz countertops with honey oak cabinets.
  • Always Keep The Overall Aesthetic in Mind. Unless you’re going for something eclectic, you should account for your home’s overall aesthetic while designing your kitchen. For instance, if you’re planning to change your cabinets, go for oak cabinets that match your home’s decor. Modern cabinets for a traditional Victorian home don’t work.
  • Understand What Each Material Brings to the Table. No pun intended. Get acquainted with the different properties of each material you choose for your kitchen remodel project to give you a much better idea of what qualities they add to your kitchen in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

  • Don’t Go Overboard on Your Choices. A little boldness goes a long way towards building a better kitchen. But don’t go too overboard with your choices as some of them could ruin its overall aesthetics. Instead, pair one of your bold choices with something neutral so you aren’t overdoing it. A bold quartz countertop color, for instance, should be paired with a more neutral color, especially in a modern kitchen with oak cabinets.
  • Don’t Choose Separate Pieces and Expect Them to Go Together. Most of the time, an eclectic style only works on furniture. Don’t go choosing two separate elements and expect them to go together when you haven’t tested what they look like when together. If you’re not sure about how they look, approach your trusted professional to help you out in visualizing the look you want.

Trends When Pairing Quartz Countertops with Wood Cabinets

Quartz countertops with oak cabinets are definitely a match made in heaven. Pairing an elegant quartz countertop with the timeless look of oak cabinets can elevate any space and make a beautiful addition to your kitchen interior. Whether you’re looking for a modern space or something chicer, here are some kitchen trends in pairing wood cabinets and quartz countertops to help you with your next redesign project.

pairing quartz countertop with oak cabinets

Warm Your Interiors with Earthen Hues

Give your kitchen a warm, cozy vibe by highlighting the natural warmth exuded by oak cabinets. Red oak cabinets offer a distinct warming effect to your kitchen space, especially when paired with warm quartz colors. Complement your oak cabinets with golden hues such as a caramel-colored quartz countertop or any other quartz countertop that promotes earth tones. Create a sense of balance by complementing dark cabinets with lighter hues for a more cozy kitchen atmosphere.

Mix and Match Neutral Colors

One of the best trends that have come in the modern era is the increased attention for neutral colors. Promoting neutral colors gives your kitchen a look that’s more toned down while still maintaining a high level of elegance and sophistication. You can even create a more sophisticated kitchen using two-tone cabinets. Pair darker bottom cabinets with lighter-toned top cabinets topped off with a clean neutral quartz countertop.

Go All Out with a Minimalist Look

Minimalism has been one of the biggest design trends of the early 21st century and it’s easy to see why. Minimalism gives any design a sleek, clean feel that looks stylish and unencumbered. Give your kitchen a clean, light look with a minimalist aesthetic. To achieve this look, you have to stay away from dark oaks and those with red undertones. Instead, choose oak with a neutral hue such as driftwood or golden oak. Top it off with a light quartz countertop with minimal veining patterns.

A Simple Yet Elegant Look with White on Oak

Oak cabinets and white quartz countertops go hand in hand to create a charming yet elegant look for your kitchen. To make this look work, pair light-colored oak cabinets with white quartz countertops with light, elegant veins for a brighter kitchen that opens up the entire space.

oak cabinets with white quartz countertop

Highlight Wood Grains with Fewer Patterns

Oak is naturally elegant. Highlight your cabinets’ natural beauty by choosing quartz countertops with fewer patterns. By choosing a toned down surface, the focal point shifts from your countertop to the beauty of your oak cabinets. But that doesn’t mean your quartz surface doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Your polished countertop surface actually lends to the beauty of your oak cabinets, providing a perfect complement to your wood cabinets.

Promote a Modern Aesthetic by Complementing Dark Color Schemes

For any modern kitchen with oak cabinets, a dark theme isn’t usually one that easily comes to mind - but it actually works. A dark theme for your kitchen is perfect for the modern home as it exudes a sleek, sophisticated beauty that never goes out of style. It also doesn’t have to be all black. Go for darker tones and match them with your dark oak cabinets to elevate your modern kitchen.


Contrary to popular belief, oak is not outdated. Its natural beauty and sturdiness only add to its appeal. It also has a natural appeal that will never go out of style. In this article, we gave you a few design trends that have become popular quite recently with homeowners with oak cabinets. Which one was your favorite?

Do you have an upcoming kitchen redesign project? Do you want to transform your kitchen into an oak paradise? Give us a call 662-214-5039 at or fill up this form to schedule a free consultation. Our expert staff is ready to help you get closer to your kitchen goals.


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