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May 17, 2021
by Eric Presley

The Most Popular Bathroom Cabinet Colors: Choosing Bathroom Vanity Colors in 2021

The combination of social media, home renovation shows, and the COVID-19  pandemic, which has forced people to spend more time indoors, has caused many to reconsider their home spaces. Last year, 50% of Americans said they spent more money on home improvements than in 2019 -  upgrading bathroom vanity colors included.

Currently, vanity cabinets with stone countertops are all the rage. Trending bathroom cabinet colors range from classic black and white to cooler green and blue hues. While there is no best color for bathroom cabinets, some are more fashionable than others. Let’s take a look at this year’s trending bathroom cabinet color ideas to inspire your bathroom makeover.

Bathroom Cabinet Color Ideas

When it comes to bathroom cabinets and countertops, vanity cabinets are pragmatic, offering greater storage solutions than traditional pedestal basins. Here are the current bathroom vanity color trends.

Blue Bathroom Cabinets

Blue Bathroom Cabinets

Classic and calming, blue still remains a timeless bathroom vanity color, second in popularity to white and wood. When Pantone named blue as their 2020 color of the year, it underwent a renaissance. Subdued gray hues were replaced by deep Navy shades, and luxe brass fittings were welcomed in the bathroom. Blue cabinets tend to bode well with coastal, beach, shabby chic, modern and minimal decor styles.

Classic blue has long been regarded as a color of tranquility, suggestive of deep water and clear minds. Even if your entire bathroom isn’t decked out in this royal color, blue bathroom cabinets can work well as accent pieces in neutral bathrooms.

Granite, marble, and quartz countertops in gray, ivory, and white tend to complement blue best. Our Amarcord quartz, Brazil Calacatt marble, and Aspen White granite work well with any shade of blue, including our Admiral Blue cabinets.

Blue Vanity Colors

Green Bathroom Cabinets

Green Bathroom Cabinets

The color of rejuvenation and often overlooked green has made a vanity cabinet come back. From deep Hunter green to Mint and subdued Sage, it’s a safe, versatile option, especially for those desiring a more muted bathroom with a mild hint of color.

Surprisingly, green bathroom cabinets can be neutral and exude the same warmth as gray without being too glaringly bright. It is one of nature’s most prevalent shades, and its lighter hues can bring a sense of zen to small and large bathrooms.

Cream, whites, and gray countertops combine well with green cabinets. Bathrooms that are lighter work well with Alabaster White quartz and Azurite granite, while darker spaces combine well with Statueritto marble or even black Belvedere quartzite. Of course, there’s no steadfast rule, as decor styles vary according to personal taste.

Green Vanity Colors

Gray Bathroom Cabinets

Gray Bathroom Cabinets

Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, gray still remains one of the most popular bathroom vanity colors when it comes to 2021cabinet color trends. It ranks high on the style meter, offering a neutral yet sleek and stylish feel without feeling overly sterile.

While not necessarily the most vivid color, some consider it to be the new black. After all, Pantone chose the pale Ultimate Gray as one of the 2021 Colors of the Year. Like white, it will always have a place in interior design, although there is a move towards soft, warmer tones.

Gray bathroom cabinets and countertops work well with most interior decor schemes as their undertones can fall within the warmer or cooler side of the color spectrum, for example, our Spanish Moss or Pebble Gray cabinet finishes.

Our Bedrock sintered stone or Beige Butterfly granite provides a clean and sophisticated look for all gray hues, whether pewter or ash-toned bathroom vanity. Gray color cabinets naturally accent any dark tones found within the stone countertop you select.

Gray Vanity Colors

Brown Bathroom Cabinets

Brown Bathroom Cabinets

The latest bathroom vanity color trends also indicate a return to wood cabinet colors, and oatmeal neutrals, paired with soft pastels and ocher shades. Like green and blue, bathrooms with brown cabinets can evoke a sense of calmness.

However, to avoid appearing dated, brown should be used as an accent and modernized with contemporary faucets and lighting fixtures. A cream-colored bathroom vanity will tend to date slower and complement any color scheme.

When paired with beige or off-white hues, wooden bathroom cabinets create a warm, inviting atmosphere that’s less cold than all-white spaces. Brown mixes well with gold or brass accents, creating a rich, luxurious look. A dark color bathroom vanity made from Cherry will look good with our Alpine White granite, whereas lighter wood like Maple suits Gray Lagoon quartz. Currently, lighter browns are trending with pinkish mauve, avocado greens, ocher, and beige interiors.

Brown Vanity Colors

Black Bathroom Cabinets

Black Bathroom Cabinets

On the flip side, the emerging statement bathroom trend continues into this year with black at the forefront. Combined with white and gold, some have opted to deck their entire space in varying shades of black. In contrast, others have gone for statement black cabinets—bathrooms with this aesthetic fair well with contrasting white and gray or complementary black countertops.

Black Arabian Nights granite with white veins provides a bold and dramatic look, whereas Cambria Black quartz blends in and will look almost invisible with a cabinet like Black Rub Thru. Traditionally, many have veered away from using black as it can be sobering; however, it works wonders with bathrooms already filled with white gray and other neutral hues. Those who favor a daring look might even pair a dark bathroom vanity with Black Galaxy granite, which contains shiny metallic compounds for extra glamour.

Black Vanity Colors

White Bathroom Cabinets

White Bathroom Cabinets

While trends come and go, our white vanity cabinet finishes embody a timelessness that provides bathrooms with a crisp and cool interior that can be countered or complemented with warm or cold elements. Now less confined to sterile hues, white cabinets work particularly well in smaller bathrooms adding brightness and the illusion of more space.

Vanity cabinets are the focal points of bathrooms, and neutral white ones offer the opportunity to elevate other bathroom elements such as mirrors, lighting, and tiles. Paired with brass fittings, white bathroom cabinets can be further enhanced with marble countertops, such as Calacatta Gold, which contains golden markings, offering sophistication and luxury. White bathroom cabinet ideas mix-and-match with a variety of decor styles and colors, whether dark or light, maximalist, minimal, or classic.

White Vanity Colors


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