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May 24, 2021
by Eric Presley

How to Make Granite Look New Again

New granite countertops have a pristine luster that makes them a desirable addition to any home kitchen. However, this usually only lasts a few weeks until the novelty wears off and granite care becomes a chore. The truth is that there’s no reason for your countertops to look anything but new.

One of the wonderful things about these stone countertops is that they require relatively low maintenance. If you know how to care for granite countertops, they’ll always shine. The trick is to make their easy maintenance a healthy habit. Here’s how to make granite look new.

How to Keep Granite Looking New

How to Keep Granite Looking New

These tips will teach you how to take care of your granite. They’re simple to follow and go a long way in helping your granite look brand new.

Wash Daily

The best way to clean granite countertops is with water and dish detergent. Ideally, you should wipe down your countertop after each use as it kills bacteria and keeps acid and other liquids from seeping into the stone’s surface and causing etching.

Water and a few drops of liquid soap mixed in a spray bottle will do the trick. Always wipe the counter with a dry cloth after cleaning.  Avoid using strong detergents like bleach as they can dull the color of the granite.

Watch Out For The Heat

While the heat capacity of granite is incredibly high, we don’t recommend placing hot pots and pans directly on its surface. Allowing hot objects to come into contact with the stone won’t burn it, but it can scratch the granite. Heat resistance and heat-proof are not the same things.

It’s very rare but not impossible for granite to crack under extreme heat, so when cooking, always use heat pads, trivets, or boards to keep the stone’s surface in good condition. The same goes for glasses and crockery; even though they might not always contain hot substances, it’s better to protect the countertop with placemats and coasters.

Use The Right Cleaning Tools

Use The Right Cleaning Tools for Granite Countetops

Good granite care entails using soft cloths and sponges to wipe away spills. Stay away from steel pot scourers, even if you have severe stains or something stubborn stuck to the surface, as these metal cleaners will scratch the granite.

The same goes for cleaning products. Anything that contains a high level of lemon, bleach, ammonia, and vinegar will adversely act adversely with granite and eat into it. To minimize spills, it’s best to work with silicon mats or cutting boards.

No Pressure

Granite countertops require strong cabinetry to withstand their heavyweight, leaving their unsupported edges vulnerable. Many overhang styles have a significant section of the counter that is not directly supported by cabinetry, so it’s best not to place a heavy weight on those areas.

To ensure the best granite countertop care, don’t stand or sit on top of your countertops. While it’s tempting to let children sit on the edges as you work in the kitchen, instead place them in a chair of the appropriate height. Prolonged exposure to weight can cause cracks, especially near seams.

Use a Cutting Board

Cutting board for granite countertop

Our customers often ask: “Can I use my granite countertop as a cutting board?” The truth is that the edge of a knife will scratch the stone. The best cutting board for granite countertops is actually good old-fashioned wood. While natural stone cutting boards like Marble are fashionable, if accidentally dropped, they can chip the counter.

You shouldn’t use granite as a cutting board because:

  • Raw meat: The bacteria can seep into the stone, making it difficult to clean.
  • Acidity: Lemon, tomatoes, and any food with acidic juices damage the stone.
  • Knife damage: Knives tend to dull granite rapidly.

Clean Spills Right Away

Taking care of granite countertops the right way means wiping away spills as soon as they occur. Soda, wine, and coffee contain acid, which eats away at the stone if left too long. Even a harmless liquid like water can seep into the stone, leaving dull etch marks.

Cooking oil can also stain this elegant natural stone as the fat can seep into its pores. When it comes to granite maintenance, it's best to get into a habit of cleaning as you go along, which helps in keeping granite countertops looking like new.

Seal and Reseal When Necessary

Sealing and resealing are fundamental parts of granite countertop care. Granite countertops are sealed upon installation but require seal maintenance. Generally, countertops are sealed every 1-5 years. Your resealing schedule will depend on how often you use your countertop, the porosity of the granite, the quality of the sealer, and the application.

While it’s possible to DIY sealing, it’s always best to get in a professional. Ensure they have good credentials and are qualified to do the job because a granite counter that is appropriately sealed will last longer.


We hope you’ve found these tips on how to make granite look new helpful. When compared to quartz, granite comes in second in the low maintenance department. If you’re looking for a natural stone countertop that is less delicate than marble, granite is a great choice - some even look like marble! If looked after properly, your granite countertop will last a lifetime and add value to your property.

At Pro Stone Countertops, we can help you select the right countertops and design your dream kitchen. With over 20 years of experience in outfitting granite kitchen counters, our team would be delighted to help you with yours. Contact us today!


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