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January 14, 2021
by Eric Presley

How to Clean and Care for Quartz Countertops - 2021 Full Guide

Quartz is one of the most popular materials for countertops for a reason. A few reasons, actually! It has a premium look, its texture and color vary greatly, and it’s easy to keep clean. But there are tips and tricks you should be aware of to ensure that this highly durable stone looks great for years, and doesn’t absorb water or bacteria.

Сaring for quartz countertops is easy when you know how, and we have lots of knowledge and advice to impart to you.

At Pro Stone Countertops, we love quartz, and we think it’s important all of our customers know the best ways to maintain, clean, and care for their countertops. In this piece, we’ll explore how to clean quartz countertops and care for the stone to ensure you don’t degrade its finish over time or cause damage.

Routine Quartz Care and Maintenance

Quartz countertops don’t just stay durable for a long time. They also maintain their beautiful finish and appearance for years. But your countertop requires proper quartz care and maintenance.

Here are three important tips for how to care for quartz countertops.

Avoid High Heat Exposure

a wooden tray with a teapot on a quartz countertop

Quartz is durable and resistant to heat, but direct heat from pans that have come straight out of the oven can cause the resin finish over the stone to discolor over time. Be sure to use trivets and other surfaces to place down hot pans so you don’t risk damaging the finish!

Use Chopping Boards

a chopping board on a quartz countertop

Chopping food directly on your quartz countertop is absolutely possible, but over years it can cause micro-abrasions that chip away at the smooth finish over the stone. Using chopping boards protects the quartz and resin finish from the blade of your knife and ensures a smooth finish that cannot become a breeding spot for bacteria.

Wipe Stains Immediately

a woman's hand wiping a stain off of a quartz countertop

Finally, don’t leave stains on your quartz countertop! The longer the stains stay, the harder they are to remove, and may cause permanent discoloration to the smooth resin finish over your stone. Wiping away stains as soon as they occur helps keep your countertop looking new and also means you won’t risk causing damage to the resin finish by scrubbing.

Use Plastic Scrapers

a hand in a rubber glove scraping a quartz countertop

If something solid sticks to your countertop, don’t use a hard material like metal to remove it. Plastic and rubber scrapers are the best way to scrape off any gunk or hard stains without scratching the resin or stone.

Deep Quartz Countertops Cleaning

Cleaning quartz countertops should be done with the goal of removing bacteria and stains while avoiding causing abrasion or damage to the resin. You should take care to use tools and cleaning agents that do not cause damage and which will maintain the finish of the stone.

The Best Way to Clean Your Quartz Countertop

The best cleaners for quartz countertops are diluted and even natural. Diluted white vinegar on quartz offers a natural and gentle cleaning effect, neutralizing stains without causing damage to the surface.

Similarly, alcohol cleaners can disinfect the surface without causing abrasion or chemical damage.

Be sure to use soft cleaning sponges and cloths on your quartz, too. The soft side of a sponge is ideal for wiping away stains and working in natural cleaning agents, and microfiber cloths can help you polish the surface without causing micro-abrasions.

Other cleaning agents that work well include:

  • Glass cleaner
  • Dish soap
  • Specialist quartz cleaning products (eg. Method quartz cleaner)

For a deep clean, let the product sit on the surface for a few minutes before wiping it away with a wet cloth.

a woman's hand wiping a quartz countertop with a cloth

Avoid These Cleaning Agents and Tools

To ensure you do not cause damage, avoid using harsh chemicals like:

  • Oven Cleaner
  • Drain Cleaner
  • Undiluted bleach
  • Dishwasher rinsing agents
  • Methylene chloride

These agents can cause damage to the resin surrounding the stone, particularly if left on the surface for long periods. There is no reason to use harsh cleaning agents like these on stone.

When Caring for Quartz Countertops…

quartz countertop cleaning tools and products

Your quartz countertops were made with care, and you should treat them with care too. Beyond cleaning and maintenance, you should always take precautions when using your quartz countertops alongside heavy kitchen equipment.

While general quartz care is simple, requiring that you simply wipe the stone with a gentle disinfectant, damage can still be done to the stone by dropping hard items on the countertops or banging pans and hard pots down.

Take care not to smash things down on your counter as, over time, it may cause cracks, chips, or general brittleness in the stone. It’s an easy step to take and something that could drastically increase the lifespan of your stone countertop.

Chopping boards and tea towels are an excellent way of ensuring that you do not accidentally bang pots down on your stone surface too hard. While quartz is designed to take years of use, particularly heavy pans and pots can easily cause damage, if at least to the resin surrounding your stone. The moment that resin is compromised, it creates a place where bacteria can grow. It’s easy to avoid that by taking extra care!

Combine this special attention with the right disinfectants and cleaning agents, and you’ll have a gorgeous stone countertop that will last decades.

Your Trusted Quartz Countertop Supplier

At Pro Stone Countertops, we love quartz and we love every countertop we create. When we transform your kitchen with our high-quality stone surfaces, we ensure our customers know how to care for that stone and keep it durable and attractive for years to come.

For more advice on quartz care, or to find out how we can transform your kitchen with our amazing range of granite and quartz countertops in Memphis, Olive Branch and East Arkansas be sure to get in touch!


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