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November 29, 2020
by Eric Presley

Granite vs. Marble: What is the Difference?

Marble and granite are two of the most popular stones used in kitchen countertops, in fireplace surrounds, and various other parts of the home that call for smooth and durable surfaces. They come in many colors, many styles, and offer the resilience that kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplaces require.

At Pro Stone Countertops, we provide customers with stunning marble and granite countertops and boast a team of highly experienced local professionals who install them in your home. We believe that our customers should know precisely what they’re buying, which is why we like to keep our website informative and transparent.

In this piece, we’ll explore granite and marble countertops pros and cons, the origins of these two stones, and the price difference. We’ll help you make the right decision for your home, and when you’ve decided, you can browse our huge collection of stones and see which one catches your eye!

marble and granite slabs

Where Do Marble and Granite Come From?

Marble formation is fascinating and describes exactly why this stone is so durable. It’s a metamorphic rock, which means it was forged from several other kinds of rock underneath the surface of the earth. It is a crystallized form of dolomite or limestone, meaning it was formed under great pressure, compacting softer rock into one that is less porous and more solid.

The swirls and patterns that give marble its distinctive appearance occur as the result of different materials that are compacted together under extreme heat and pressure.

Granite’s origin story also describes how it is so strong and durable. It is a stone mostly made of natural quartz and feldspar. It is an igneous rock that was formed by the cooling of magma underneath the surface of the earth, which has also been compacted with great pressure. Igneous rock is very hard but it is also characterized by its grainy appearance.

Typically, you would expect granite to be quarried in China, India, Brazil, and Italy. Each place offers a unique-looking stone, with different colors of grain, marble-like lines, and amazing natural patterns that can complement your home.

So what is the difference between marble and granite? They are two very different looking stones most of the time, they are two different kinds of stone formed in different ways, but they are both extremely durable and perfect for your countertops.

Unique Appearance and Designs

Marble and granite have their own unique characteristics, but they can sometimes overlap. Some granite countertops look like marble, and some marble countertops have grains and patterns that look similar to granite.

The fundamental difference between the two is that marble tends to have sweeping patterns with swirls, folds, and lines. Granite, in contrast, has a grain pattern that may also be complemented by lines, swirls, and folds.

Both varieties of stone come in plenty of colors, too. Depending on where the stone is quarried, you may find classic silver, grey, and black tones in one option, or bolder blues, yellows, greens, and even gold shades in another.

modern marble kitchen countertop

Amazing Durability

Marble and granite benefits focus largely around the durability of these stones, with the appearance and patterns that they offer being a nice addition. While these two kinds of stones are formed in very different ways, they are both extremely durable because of the way they are formed.

The compression of porous stones to form one solid block of marble ensures that it does not absorb water and it is resistant to external pressure. The cooling of magma which is then also kept under immense pressure beneath the surface of the earth has a similar effect. What you’re left with is a rock that is ideal for fabricating into solid countertops that don’t easily crack or chip. Plus, these countertops keep their beautiful appearance for decades.

When maintained properly, marble and granite can often be one of the longest-lasting features of your home.

Marble Countertops vs Granite: Maintenance

Maintaining marble and granite is easy as long as you know what you’re doing! The stones are naturally stain-resistant, though it is important to quickly wipe away any spills. Sealants used on these stone slabs can become discolored over time if they are in contact with harsh chemicals or other liquids. Wiping away spills quickly ensures that your stone slabs keep their appearance for longer.

In terms of cleaning, gentle disinfecting agents are best for both marble and granite stone. Window cleaner works fantastically to get a perfect shine, but harsh chemicals like undiluted bleach should be avoided when disinfecting. Diluted vinegar and other gentle disinfectant sprays are perfect for creating a clean surface that’s ready for food preparation.

The two types of stone are also naturally heat-resistant, though depending on the sealant you use, you should always consider using chopping boards or trivets to prolong the lifespan of the resin that surrounds the stone.

cleaning products for countertop maintenance

Granite vs. Marble Cost

The price difference between granite vs. marble is perhaps one of the biggest considerations for customers. In reality, the price difference is fairly marginal. Some marble countertops cost more than some granite countertops, and vice versa.

The choice you make will likely come down to the thickness of the slabs available, the colors, and the patterns. You can be sure that with either a granite or marble countertop, you’ll get long-lasting durability and a stone that lasts.

The Highest-Quality Granite and Marble & Unbeatable Expertise

Pro Stone Countertops boasts an impressive range of kitchen marbles and granite countertops for you to choose from, and we’re committed to helping you make the right choice for all of your needs. We’ll ensure you end up with a stone that suits your bathroom or kitchen seamlessly.

Looking for “marble and granite near me” in Olive Branch, Mississippi? We help customers in the city and beyond, and we’re always here to help.

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