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How can I prevent cracks and chips to my granite countertops?

Due to the strength of the material, it’s extremely unlikely for granite to crack or chip. Most cracks are the result of stress during handling, manufacturing, or installation. However, it is still possible to crack granite by standing on it or by placing extremely hot objects on the surface. In order to prevent any liquid from getting into cracks, granite must be sealed, and should be resealed about once a year.

Do you offer granite countertops samples?

We typically do not offer granite samples but most of our slabs are on display and can be viewed in person. As granite is a natural stone it has natural variations inherent from mother nature. Slabs, therefore, can differ slightly from lot to lot, so a granite sample may not always be 100% indicative of your unique slab. No need to worry though, as you will usually be able to view your specific slab personally ahead of fabrication to re-check its colors, patterns, and natural characteristics.

What are the types of granite countertops?

There are a wide variety of different types of granite countertops, but they can be broken down into 3 main types of colors and 3 levels of quality. The three main granite colors (within which there is a lot of variation) are dark granite (black or dark gray), white granite, and beige or neutral granite. The three main levels of granite are Low Grade Granite (Level 1), Mid Grade Granite (Level 2), and High Grade Granite (level 3). These levels can be determined by color quality, thickness, veins, pitting, marking, the number of soft materials it has, and the country of origin.

What is the cost to install granite countertops?

Installing granite countertops typically costs between $2,000 and $4,500, depending on the size and quality of the stone. The material price runs $15 to $140 per square foot for whole slabs, but for prefabricated pieces, it can cost only $10 to $35 per square foot.

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