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If you are looking for a countertop to contrast a bright white, or light-colored bathroom, a dark or black marble bathroom countertop is the perfect option. Marble has the ability to give any room an air of elegance, and the unique veining and patterns on each piece add to the timeless beauty that is difficult to recreate. Marble is also practical, because it is both durable and heat resistant, making for a countertop that will last for a long time. Read More

Pro Stone Black Marble Bathroom Countertops

Pro Stone only uses the highest quality raw materials that we can find, but we offer them to our customers at an affordable price so they can create their perfect bathroom without breaking the bank. Our professional team consists of general contracting professionals, designers, installers and fabricators, providing everything that you need for the remodel, and guiding you through each step of the process.

Is Dark Marble Easy to Maintain?

Caring for your dark marble bathroom countertops doesn’t have To be difficult, but it will ensure that your countertop maintains its gleam and appeal for longer.

Once sealed, marble is stain-resistant, durable and easy to maintain. It is also heat resistant, so it is perfect for a bathroom where you might be using hair styling tools. Your black marble bathroom countertops will last a long time, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon. They are a timeless investment for your future that will never go out of style.

To clean all you need to use is a mild cleaning agent, a soft cloth and warm water. Anything more abrasive could damage the marble, and strong cleaning agents can leave a residue on the surface of the marble that will need to be rinsed off. 

Polishing your countertop will ensure that it keeps its gleam. Although baking soda sounds like a cost-effective solution, if it is used often, it can damage your marble surface over time. The best thing to buy is a re-polishing and sealing kit that is ready-made and comes with instructions so that you will know exactly what you are doing.

Choosing Black Marble For You Bathroom From Pro Stone

At Pro Stone, we choose only the highest quality raw materials. We display samples of most of the materials that we stock, allowing you to see them in person before you choose what kind of marble to purchase for your countertop. Once you have made your decision, you may even be able to see the slab that your countertops will be cut from so that you can see all of the unique details that your countertops will have. 

We have many other stone bathroom countertops to choose from. Here are some of our most popular:

Design Your Black Marble Bathroom Countertops Today!

If you would like to know how much it will cost for your black marble bathroom countertops get in touch with us so that we can quote you an estimate. Marble countertops are an investment that will add value to your property and will last you for the foreseeable future. This timeless classic will never look out of place in a bathroom, and our expert team will ensure that they are fabricated and installed in a way that is built to last. Read Less

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